1. EA made a series of videos meant to showcase its 'next-gen' video games, and the results are accidentally horrifying  Business Insider

    EA intended to demonstrate the power of its next-generation graphics technology in a new video. Instead, it demonstrated the uncanny valley.

  2. Serious gamers listen up! You could play your way to big bucks  Komando

    It seems like every summer your kid turns into a blob that does nothing but play video games. Believe it or not, your gamer kid could be making a fortune one…

  3. The winner in the war on Huawei is Samsung  ZDNet

    Having one of its largest rivals locked out of evermore nations and products would be music to the Korean giant's ears.

  4. 65% of American Adults Enjoy Playing Video Games  Associated Press

    Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

  5. What is Artificial Intelligence?  Datamation

    Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) uses software-driven systems and intelligent agents to make decisions that approximate human cognitive functions.

  6. Trump Administration proposes raising import tax on game consoles to 25% as trade war with China intensifies  OnMSFT

    The escalation in this new US-China trade war has led US president Trump to consider a list of new import taxes that would include taxes on video game...

  7. Shady Numbers And Bad Business: Inside The Esports Bubble  Kotaku

    The mainstream narrative of esports has been lovingly crafted by those who benefit from its success. There's big money in esports, they say. You've heard the...

  8. Tesla to add more in-car retro video games

    Tesla is famous for its often-quirky software updates — including fart sounds and simulated open fires — but the electric car brand is looking set to step things up...

  9. 15 high-paying jobs for creative people  CNBC

    CNBC Make It analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify 15 occupations that allow people to indulge their creative side and that also come...

  10. Head to Head Survey: China Digital TV (STVVY) and Trend Micro (TMICY)  Rockland Register

    Trend Micro (OTCMKTS:TMICY) and China Digital TV (OTCMKTS:STVVY) are both computer and technology companies, but which is the superior stock?

  11. ObjectiveEd is building a better digital curriculum for vision-impaired kids  TechCrunch

    Children with vision impairments struggle to get a solid K-12 education for a lot of reasons — so the more tools their teachers have to impart basic skills and...

  12. Sony's cloud gaming deal with Microsoft blindsided its own PlayStation team  The Japan Times

    When Sony Corp. unveiled a cloud gaming pact with archrival Microsoft Corp., it surprised the industry. Perhaps no one was more shocked than employees of S.

  13. Video games meet enterprise technology, business: The intersection blurs more  ZDNet

    Developments originally intended for the video game industry are now having an impact on the cloud, AI, data science, and autonomous vehicles. It makes you...

  14. Make working from home ‘work’ for you  BizNews

    It can be challenging to separate work and home life. MiWay has put together some tips on how to make working from home 'work' for you.

  15. Google’s new Stadia service will let you play video games without downloading them  Washington Post

    The platform, which runs on Chrome and Google data centers, envisions a new way to play video games.

  16. 2019 Video Game Software: Global Market Trends, Drivers, Opportunities and Challenges -  Associated Press

    Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

  17. Alinity Divine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Alinity Divine has been banned from her Twitch account after she accidentally showed pornographic images during one of her streams.

  18. Financial Review: China Digital TV (STVVY) vs. New Relic (NEWR)  Tech Know Bits

    New Relic (NYSE:NEWR) and China Digital TV (OTCMKTS:STVVY) are both computer and technology companies, but which is the superior investment? We will...

  19. Is Using a Mouse and Keyboard on Consoles Cheating?  VICE

    Many players think the XIM Apex is an undetectable cheating device that's ruining video games. For some people with motor disabilities, it's the only way they...

  20. The rise and fall of the company behind 'Reader Rabbit' and all your favorite educational games  The Outline

    Inside the collapse of a once-robust industry, and the 'Shark Tank' star who abetted the process.

  21. Video game revenue tops $43 billion in 2018, an 18% jump from 2017  TechCrunch

    Video game revenue in 2018 reached a new peak of $43.8 billion, up 18 percent from the previous years, surpassing the projected total global box office for the...

  22. This teenager started playing video games 18 hours a day. Now he makes more money than most adults.  Washington Post

    Griffin Spikoski spends as much as 18 hours a day playing video games. His hobby that has led to nearly 1.2 million subscribers and more than 71 million views...

  23. Asset Management Advisors Has Upped Its Apple (AAPL) Holding by $828,803; Mengis Capital Management Maintains Holding in United Parcel Service Cl B (UPS)  CryptoCoinsTribune

    Asset Management Advisors Llc increased its stake in Apple Inc. (AAPL) by 12.45% based on its latest 2018Q4 regulatory filing with the SEC.

  24. Global 3D Scanning Market (2019-2024): Growth, Trends and Forecasts -  Business Wire

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Global 3D Scanning Market (2019-2024): Growth, Trends and Forecasts" report has been added to...

  25. New bookmobile hits the streets of Madison County  Jackson Clarion Ledger

    You might run across it as you dash in to shop at Walmart in Ridgeland, Madison or Canton or when you take a walk at one of the parks in Madison County.

  26. Global Video Games Industry Report 2019: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities for the $96 Billion Market  PRNewswire

    DUBLIN, April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Global Video Games Industry: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities" report has been added to...

  27. May 9, 2019.  The CyberWire

    New leaks on Iranian hacking. Samsung code exposed. Amazon seller hacks. EvilClippy. More on the Global Cyber Investing Summit.

  28. Biggest video games coming in 2019: 'Last of Us Part II,' 'Pokémon'  Business Insider

    Major games are expected in 2019, including "The Last of Us Part II" on PlayStation 4 and a brand-new "Pokémon" game for the Nintendo Switch.

  29. Creating video games could be your next job. Villa Maria College will provide the degree.  WKBW-TV

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Video games have been around for 40-years and are as popular as ever. With the new developments in technology, Chris Langford,...

  30. As Union Pac (UNP) Valuation Rose, Shareholder Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co Has Cut Stake by $2.43 Million; Apple Com (AAPL) Holder Blackhill Capital Has Lifted Holding  CryptoCoinsTribune

    Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co decreased its stake in Union Pac Corp (UNP) by 32.6% based on its latest 2018Q4 regulatory filing with the SEC.

  31. Seattle's Multibillion Dollar Gaming Industry - News

    How did the Pacific Northwest become the center of video-game creation in the first place?

  32. European Video Games Industry Strategies, Trends & Opportunities Report 2019: Market is Projected to Reach 21.5 Billion by 2020  PRNewswire

    DUBLIN, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "European Video Games Industry: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities" report has been added to...

  33. The three things that video games do to your brain  Quartz

    Given the immense power that games have to alter our consciousness, it's natural to wonder what long-term effects they might have on our brains.

  34. Who will be the first Netflix for video games?  Engadget

    Now, it's video games' turn. The idea of a "Netflix for games" *service* has been floating around since long before video-streaming became a thing, but it hasn't...

  35. Inside Uber's self-driving car lab  Toronto Life

    In the city of the future, no one will drive a car. Instead, you'll be ferried around by a fleet of autonomous electric cars that will whiz through the city 24-7, their...

  36. Streaming to subscriptions: Video games enter new frontiers  Fox Business

    The video game industry is entering new frontiers. Continue Reading Below. In the past, you plunked down $60 at GameStop for a copy of Grand Theft Auto or...

  37. Will the gaming industry clutch up in 2019?  TechCrunch

    2019 promises to be a great year in games. Innovation and competition will elevate the industry's offerings and drive more inclusivity among a broader range of...

  38. Global Video Games Industry Strategies, Trends & Opportunities Report 2019  GlobeNewswire

    Dublin, April 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Video Games Industry: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities" report has been added to...

  39. Why Did Microsoft Enter The Video Game Space?  Forbes

    Why is Microsoft in the video game space? This question was originally answered on Quora by John Byrd.

  40. How to Find the Video Games of Your Youth  The New York Times

    The classics can take you back in time — and are probably easier to recapture than you think.

  41. Amazon Makes Play To Take Video Gaming Into The Cloud  Forbes

    Video game publishing moved to the cloud long ago. Now the world's dominant cloud infrastructure firm wants to take the rest of the industry there, too.

  42. Google's ambitious new project could fundamentally change the way we play video games  Business Insider

    Google this week unveiled "Project Stream," a new *service* that lets you stream video games to your Google Chrome web browser. Project Stream, like Nvidia's...

  43. Streaming and Cloud Computing Endanger Modding and Game Preservation  Motherboard

    Services like Google's Stadia seem convenient, but they could completely change the past and future of video games.

  44. What If Instead of Taking the SAT You Got to Play a Video Game?  Bloomberg

    L.A.-based startup Imbellus plans to upset the SAT and ACT's monopoly with a test it says accurately gauges critical thinking.

  45. This Video Gaming Tournament Will Test the Wits of Computers, Not Humans  Fortune

    Computers will need to bring major problem solving skills and smarts to a new video gaming tournament that is intended to contribute to cutting-edge artificial...

  46. Is cloud computing for gaming too good to be true?  TechRadar

    Harnessing remote computers to replace your local machine has almost limitless potential, but how realistic is the idea?

  47. Doom, the game that kicked off a video game revolution, turns 25 today  Quartz

    This story was adapted from an Obsession email sent February 12, 2018. Subscribe here and receive a daily deep dive into the overlooked crannies of the...

  48. How to Play Games on an Old, Low-End PC  PCMag

    Are you a gamer but have a low-spec PC on your hands? There are ways to tweak settings so that you can actually play modern games on your old, crappy...

  49. 5 Exciting Innovations in Gaming That Entrepreneurs Absolutely Should Know About  Entrepreneur

    The gaming industry has come a long way since its inception in the 1940s, and it's important that entrepreneurs and developers in that field make themselves...

  50. 5 Trends Explain the Growth of the Video-Game Industry  The Motley Fool

    Video games are extending their reach to every corner of the globe.

  51. How one teen earns six figures from video games and related income  Chicago Daily Herald

    Griffin Spikoski spends as much as 18 hours a day glued to his computer screen playing the wildly popular, multiplayer video game "Fortnite." His YouTube...

  52. Collaborative video games could increase office productivity: Team video gaming increased effectiveness of newly-formed teams by 20 percent  Science Daily

    Move over trust falls and ropes courses, turns out playing video games with coworkers is the real path to better performance at the office. A new study by...

  53. Americans spent a record $36 billion on video games last year, and demographics show that number is expected to go up in 2018  Business Insider

    This week, thousands of video and computer game enthusiasts are going to the Electronic Entertainment Expo to see what's new in gaming — an industry that...

  54. One cheap software is making indie video games weirder  Quartz

    Unity, a free tool for making video games, is helping all sorts of people make beautiful, experimental games.

  55. The 7 Best Video Game Stocks to Power Up Your Portfolio!

    Over the last several years, few investment sectors have generated as much buzz and excitement as video game stocks. As gaming culture evolved from a niche...

  56. Asia $30 Billion Video Games Markets, 2019: Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics driven Hyper-Personalisation for Video Games  PRNewswire

    DUBLIN, April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Asian Video Games Industry - Strategies, Trends & Opportunities" report has been added to...

  57. Google teases rumored video game service, promising ‘all will be revealed’ in March  Silicon Valley Business Journal

    Google is widely expected to take the wraps off its forthcoming video game streaming *service* at an event in San Francisco next month, according to cryptic...

  58. Top 8 Best Ergonomic Keyboards in 2019  BinDaily

    Widely known as the best keyboard on the current market, Microsoft's Sculpt for Windows machines is a standout choice for comfort. The split keyboard design...

  59. New video gaming center opens in West Chester  Daily Local News

    WEST CHESTER—The U.S. video game industry generated more than $30 billion in revenue last year, according to the Entertainment Software Association,...

  60. How to Buy Video Games for Cheap

    Gaming is expensive, but here's how to get the best video game deals on Steam, through streaming ser.

  61. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just laid out the company's vision for its 'Netflix for games'  Business Insider

    Microsoft is building a *service* that intends to be the "Netflix for games." The goal of the *service*, named " Project xCloud," is to stream high-end video games to...

  62. 2019 Report: Global Digital Gaming Markets to 2021  PRNewswire

    DUBLIN, Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Global Digital Gaming Market 2019" report has been added to's offering. Mobile games...

  63. Online Piracy Is Still Very, Very Real. Why Can’t Companies Stop It?  Observer

    Piracy—the kind that results in valuable digital booty—is a challenging series of hoops to be jumped through mixed in with a dash of technical know-how.

  64. For gamers, the clouds are rolling in  The Boston Globe

    I haven't bought a video game in quite awhile, and if Google and Microsoft get their way, hardly anyone else will be buying them, either.

  65. Need help winning at video games? This Philly start-up sells strategy

    The University City start-up has created a platform to simplify the development and sale of gaming tools. It also wants to teach aspiring engineers coding through...

  66. Google is about to reveal its plan to take on the $140 billion gaming industry, but experts are skeptical it has a chance  CNBC

    Google is expected to unveil its big game streaming *service*, but experts are skeptical it will have what it takes.

  67. Alabama high schools roll out their newest varsity sport – video games

    The popular esports will become the first sanctioned high school sport in Alabama since bowling. Thirty teams have signed up to begin competitions starting in...

  68. Why Microsoft is well-poised to be the Netflix of gaming  Fast Company

    Traditional consoles won't go anywhere without big investments in streaming. One company is well-positioned to make it happen.

  69. New technology could upend the video-game market  Yahoo Finance

    Cloud gaming could revolutionize the way you pay for and play video games.

  70. 7 Video Game Stocks on Steep Discount

    [Editor's note: This story was originally published in November 2018. It has since been updated and republished to coincide with today's rout in video game...

  71. Global 3D Motion Capture Market Development and Trends Forecasts Report ( 2019 – 2024)  The Headlines Bridge

    360 MARKET UPDATES Report provides a 360-degree overview of the global 3D Motion Capture market with special emphasis on all aspects including drivers,...

  72. 'Fortnite' launched battle royale a year ago today — here's how the company behind the billion-dollar game was founded by a college kid  CNBC

    "Fortnite" debuted its popular battle royale mode on September 26, 2017. The game is on pace to bring in over $2 billion this year for Epic Games, which CEO...

  73. The real reason Epic landed a $15 billion valuation is not Fortnite's viral video game success  CNBC

    Fortnite maker Epic Games has been valued at $15 billion, and that has attracted skepticism. But Fortnite's 200 million users and over $1 billion in revenue,...

  74. Microsoft Is Becoming A Netflix Of Video Games, And That's Good News  Seeking Alpha

    The video games industry is rapidly shifting toward the game-as-a-*service* business model, as development costs are growing. Although Microsoft has lost the...

  75. The video game industry is heading for massive upheaval, and nobody is safe (MSFT, SNE, GOOG, GOOGL)  CT Post

    "Fortnite" creators Epic Games spent 2018 challenging the way that Google, Apple, and the market-leading Steam games store do business. It's a sign of things...

  76. Evolutionary algorithm outperforms deep-learning machines at video games  MIT Technology Review

    With all the excitement over neural networks and deep-learning techniques, it's easy to imagine that the world of computer science consists of little else. Neural...

  77. How BioWare’s ‘Baldur’s Gate’ Saved the Computer RPG  The Ringer

    The genre-stretching game broke new narrative, technical, and gameplay ground and established the identity of one of the past two decades' most storied video...

  78. Gamification has a dark side  Fast Company

    One of the most common user experiences of our time is also a tool of social control. And nowhere is that more true than in the workplace.

  79. Could a tax on video games help prevent school shootings? One Pa. lawmaker hopes so.

    Seeking funding for school safety measures to prevent shootings, a Pennsylvania state lawmaker is proposing a 10 percent sales tax on violent video games.

  80. Global Animation and VFX Industry Strategies, Trends & Opportunities Report 2019 -  Associated Press

    Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

  81. Adaptive Video Game Controllers Open Worlds for Gamers With Disabilities  The New York Times

    An industrious community has for years devised workarounds to play video games. Microsoft's new adaptive controller may allow even more people to play with...

  82. Myst, one of the most influential games ever, turns 25  Fast Company

    In 1993, the atmospheric CD-ROM game became a beloved megahit–but not everybody was happy with its influence on the game industry.

  83. The Business Of Video Games: A Multi Billion Dollar Industry [Infographic]  Forbes Now

    Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. There are thousands of companies developing and publishing games in all 50 states. As the...

  84. Beyond the console: Xbox leaders detail Microsoft’s gaming future, led by xCloud streaming service  GeekWire

    Microsoft aims to let people play its games not just on Xbox devices and Windows PCs, but also smartphones and tablets, and eventually, rival consoles.

  85. Global Video Games Markets, 2016-2018 & 2024: Serious' Gamers - The Only Saving Grace for Boxed & Digital Download Console Gaming Software  PRNewswire

    DUBLIN, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Video Games - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to's...

  86. The Best Cloud Gaming Services for Streaming Video Games  How-To Geek

    Around 2015, a few companies started to pop up that offer “cloud gaming,” a *service* promising to turn your cheap laptop into a high powered gaming rig through...

  87. OpenAI and It's AI Bots Defeated OG E-Sports Team In Dota 2  Fortune

    OpenAI's team of A.I. bots defeated the professional OG e-sports team in the real-time strategy game, Dota 2.

  88. The next big risk to your privacy: Your child’s video-game habit  MarketWatch

    Hackers are increasingly targeting video games, new report finds.

  89. Global Animation, VFX & Games Markets, 2018-2020: Total Value of Global Animation Industry is Projected to Reach US$ 270 Billion  PRNewswire

    DUBLIN, Jan 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Global Animation, VFX & Games Industry: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities, 2019" report has been added to...

  90. Geek of the Week: Yi Yang’s love for video games taught him English, so he wrote a book about it  GeekWire

    Students in China who wish to study in the U.S. can often find the advanced vocabulary English tests to be the biggest hurdle. Yi Yang learned how to clear his...

  91. Video games could help uncover your hidden talents – and make you happier  The Conversation UK

    Your virtual self reflects your real-life skills and values. Understanding them could help you find a more suitable job.

  92. This $47 wearable device tracks your head movements to help you move in video games  Business Insider

    Tilted, a wearable device that mounts on a headset, tracks your head movements and translates them to in-game actions. It's intended to make gaming easier...

  93. PlayVS Brought ESports to High Schools. Here's What Came Next  Inc.

    Thanks to a small startup in California, high schools across the country are launching e-sports clubs. Here's what that looks like.

  94. How Google's DeepMind will train its AI inside Unity's video game worlds  Fast Company

    Unity's AI boss Danny Lange explains how the Google sibling will use reinforcement learning and virtual worlds to “evolve” smarter algorithms.

  95. The Neuroscience of Mind-Control Gaming  Variety

    Neurable received $2 million to develop software that make it possible for users to control virtual and augmented reality with their mind.

  96. Island game developer's archive now in museum  Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

    We are capturing and archiving an intersection of personal and professional history.”

  97. These are the best tech companies to work for in India  CNBC

    Multinational firms like Adobe, Microsoft, SAP and Cisco are leading the way when it comes to attracting India's top tech talents.

  98. Are Software Businesses Missing Out on UK R&D Tax Credits?  Computer Business Review

    Your businesses could, if it's involved in software development, be benefitting significantly from the government's long-established incentives for research and...

  99. Uber has cracked two classic ’80s video games by giving an AI algorithm a new type of memory  MIT Technology Review

    An algorithm that remembers previous explorations in Montezuma's Revenge and Pitfall! could make computers and robots better at learning how to succeed in...

  100. TIGA Announces Winners of the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018  PR Newswire

    LONDON, November 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TIGA, the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the video...